I have just finished reading your book. That is a GREAT book!!!  And how do I know that it is a GREAT book? Well, I have a few measures that have to be met. The subject matter must appeal to me in some fashion.It must be written in a chronological order, if applicable.If it is non-fiction, … Continue reading Dan


Very thankful a friend introduced me to audiobooks – pre-ordered your book Betrayed, started listening on  2 June and finished it today 5 June. If I had to have read it, I would not have been able to put your book down. I was still able to listen and do household chores. The thing I … Continue reading Sandra


Just finished Betrayed Sandi. A great read! #WhoisMrX? 


Now finished Betrayed. What a hair-raising story! But I love the way you keep peeking from behind their shoulders. Glad to know it all ends on a non-tragic note, if at a high price for the ladies (but uhh, not the villain). The second half gripping me even more (when I thought it would be … Continue reading Guenter


Betrayed — a great read that I can recommend to you and your book clubs. 


Thoroughly enjoying this book by Sandi Logan…listening to it on Audible. (Sandi, I think I see a new career for you as an audiobook narrator!) Sandi tells the inside story of two American women arrested in Australia in 1978 after it was discovered they had imported two tonnes of cannabis resin into the country.


I just bought a digital version of Sandi Logan’s book Betrayed. I have read the first few pages and am hooked. It’s a great book. You should get a copy. I have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning to go to work and I don’t want to put it down.


I finished Betrayed yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the story which awakened memories. The writing style is very readable. I will have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Anne Marie

I really enjoyed reading it and thought you brought their story very much to life. It was particularly interesting knowing the outline of the story to read the details of their journey and the many betrayals. They were fortunate to have had you on their team; you did an amazing amount on their behalf. I … Continue reading Paul


Just finished your book. Wow. Wow. Wow. Fabulous book. You nailed it! Such a good read. I woke up at 3:10 this morning as I had to finish it. I just needed to get to the bottom of the deception and betrayal. Those poor women. I feel ashamed as an Australian. How you fought and … Continue reading Megan


I just had the pleasure of reading your book (via audiobook) Betrayed! OMG! What an incredible true story. I downloaded your book on Audible and “could not put it down”! Your publisher is so correct in saying “this is a marker in Australian history”! Those beautiful women, in their later years of life, had the … Continue reading Di


Just to let you know I really enjoyed reading your book. I even teared up when they were finally released. You deserve a lot of credit for how you helped them. By the way, ‘Betrayed’ is now available in Canada through Amazon for delivery.


Your book was fantastic! The whole period in your collective lives must have been so frustrating and rewarding ultimately. I love the way you have used the diaries etc. Those women were brave and retained their dignity throughout. It is such a pity that they didn’t have more time to simply “live”. Good work mate.


I  bought this book for my Kindle before flying abroad and it entertained me during a 14 hour wait in LA airport, due to a missed connection. I enjoyed what was a fascinating story.


I just got back from vacation and I read your book Betrayed. It was great! I think you did a great job being true to the story and making it interesting.


Finished the book last night…honestly one of the best books I’ve read in a while. What a fascinating series of events that I’d never heard about before. What you did for those ladies is truly commendable.


I’ve just finished your book on the Drug Grannies, Betrayed. Your amount of research is jaw dropping. Congratulations. Truth is indeed so superior to fiction.  I do want to congratulate you also on your generosity of spirit and time towards those poor, frightened women. Your loyalty is commendable.


Loved it. Sad though for the two ladies.


Absolutely loved the book! It was a great read.


I just finished the book yesterday – I even missed church service to stay home and finish the last few chapters  – and what a wonderful book!  First of all – thank you for your friendship, caring and kindness to Beezie and Toddie when all of this was taking place, and thank you for keeping the … Continue reading Suzan


Downloaded it on Audible while isolating recently. Great read – would highly recommend it to all! 


I’m loving reading Betrayed. One copy is for me, and a second copy I lend out to friends.


‘Betrayed’ is such an amazing, brilliant book … congratulations Sandi. The research you went into making sure facts were assured, and still not just making it a ‘true-story-documentary’ but foremost a fascinating book to read, is fantastic. What these poor ladies went through (mainly in Australian jails) is hard to believe … but again sadly true. Clearly “Mr. … Continue reading Peter


I’ve devoured  Betrayed (on Audible) like a good wine. It was near impossible not to be left gobsmacked by the detail of the story, the intricate web of deceit and betrayal, and the romance of a bygone generation’s blind trust in the system, people, and belief people will do the right thing. I could not … Continue reading Andrew


I read your book over the last three days. At first I was a bit disappointed that the “travel”  part wasn’t longer, seeing as we had travelled much of the same route only four years before the women did. But on reading further I now understand why this story is so important to you. The … Continue reading Rocky


I’ve just recently finished reading the book and I must admit, was in tears when I finally got to the part of Mrs Hays and Miss Bessire’s release. I can see why you were drawn to the story in the first place and compelled to champion on behalf of the women. At the risk of … Continue reading Bec


What a gob smackingly interesting book and story to read. Just loved it and also loved discovering more about recent Australian historical facts. I also felt privileged just knowing of your compassionate involvement with Toddie and Beezie. I’m not sure how you fitted it all in. So glad you did though and that this story … Continue reading Lynne


I read it ALL last night, finishing just at dawn whereupon I rose and did some things so I could sleep in. Even though I knew the outcome! (I continued to hope for rough justice for the bad bloke.)


Such a great story, and as I read the book I felt increasingly sorry for the ladies and wished I’d met them — what characters! It’s still one of the best tales I’ve read for years. I very much hope you get to make it into a film at some point in the future. It would … Continue reading Lisa


Loved your book, Betrayed. I did nothing but read in the week since I saw you speak at ‘True Crime in the Vines’! I really don’t think the two women knew anything and their sentence was really unfair. I really enjoyed it – the ride and the read!


Loved it, loved it, loved it … thank heavens for Gareth Evans!! OMG, I can’t believe the politics of it all and don’t get me started on that bloody Senator Peter Durack. Well done and such a great achievement for you to have completed this book. Congratulations Sandi.


Have just finished Betrayed. Fascinating journey. So well told and researched. Loved it. Slightly incredible how cannabis/hashish were treated with such a heavy hand by the authorities. Great book, Sandi. And your role to help the grannies was admirable; you should be very proud of what you did for them. Good on you.


What a fabulous book — Betrayed. Such a great story. As I read the book I felt increasingly sorry for the ladies and wished I’d met them. What characters!


I read BETRAYED. It was a “could-not-put-down-’till-finished-book”.


Tears fall as I am writing this: thank you for being Toddie and Beezie’s champion and for not forgetting them! Thank you for being their friend in hard times and for keeping them alive.  I wish you much success with Betrayed and I can’t thank you enough for following the story to the end.


Just finished ‘Betrayed’. A fantastic read. My early working life was filled with stories of the ‘drug grannies’, though the stuff of folklore is now somewhat challenged by this read. A riveting but immensely sad tale. Thanks, Sandi.


Couldn’t put it down.


This is a great read!!


I’m enjoying the book so much, it’s joining me on my commute. PS I hate Vern.


Loved your thoroughness. Must have been a harrowing time for all. Just wish Vern had got his just desserts.


An excellent read and a solid piece of journalism! What an indictment of Australia’s justice system and politics at the time.


Wow, what a read! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down!  The bureaucratic and political mess they faced did not surprise me at all. I will recommend it to friends and clients who belong to book clubs. They’re always looking for something new to read!


Good on you for giving your support to those poor women over so many years. Dreadful situation for them; thankfully they could return home before they died. Amazing the ratbag nephew got away with it!


Just finished ‘Betrayed’. A fantastic read. My early working life was filled with stories of the ‘drug grannies’, though the stuff of folklore is now somewhat challenged by this read. A riveting but immensely sad tale.


Gotta tell you; got your book and could not put it down. Great writing style. Now I can’t wait to see the movie!


I bought this book on Audible … absolutely fabulous!! I loved the way you wrote it; it felt like it was directly from the women. Highly recommended!!!


Loved the book and your reading of it. I listened through Audible.


Here are some of the books the BAD Board has loved in 2022 – Christmas presents for yourself or your loved ones, perhaps. For lovers of true crime there is Betrayed by Sandi Logan, a true story of the most improbable ‘drug running grannies’. 

Catherine du Peloux MenagéArtistic Director, BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival

I just finished Betrayed! I could not put it down. I wonder what Toddie’s relationship with Vern’s parents, and her own siblings, was like and whether they ever had a serious talk about what happened?


Since I started reading Betrayed, I am finding it quite hard to get enough sleep! It is full of suspense and surprises. I will be recommending it to my book club. Too bad that the ladies were ill advised, but such is justice.


I’m sad to say I’ve finished reading BETRAYED! I just didn’t want it to end. Thoroughly enjoyable.


I just finished your wonderful book! I’m impressed by the way you brought all the facts together but I’m also impressed by your kindness, compassion and fortitude. 


I couldn’t put the book down. 


This is definitely a story that needs to be told and you did it beautifully! It was so well-written. The words just flowed off the pages and I could picture every scene.


I remember the media swirl around the Drug Grannies and the debate about letting them go or keeping them locked up but also of not giving them a second thought as they spent their time in prison. So I was interested in reading about them and this is an interesting book. Logan brings the ‘grannies’ … Continue reading Jane


The incredible true story of the ‘Drug-running grannies’, betrayed by someone closest to them who threw them under the bus in order to escape the law himself. via Goodreads


The book slows down during the courtroom hearings. You discover how bad politics/politicians can have an adverse impact on innocent people. via Goodreads

Ron Titley

I enjoyed this story of the two grannies who were offered the holiday of a lifetime by one of their nephews. All they had to do was drive a camper van across Europe and enjoy the sights, so the van could eventually be shipped to Australia. Sounds like fun to me!However along the way they … Continue reading Sandy Saunders

Sandy Saunders

I only knew a few details of this story when I started listening to this book on Audible, figuring it would be similar to a TV show I’ve watched about people arrested abroad for drug smuggling. Within the first few chapters, I was completely absorbed with following the women’s story. I love how the author … Continue reading Cindy


Wow, what a read! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down! I have to say the bureaucratic/political mess they faced did not surprise me at all.

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