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Sandi Logan is a Canadian-born Australian who has spent more than 40 years as a journalist, diplomat, ministerial adviser, spokesman and senior public servant on three continents. He is now an author.

Betrayed, Sandi Logan’s first book, was published on 1 June 2022 by Hachette Australia – it is available as a paperback, Kindle edition and as an audiobook.

Betrayed  is the shocking, real-life inside story of ‘Toddie’ and ‘Beezie’ – as they were known – drawn from journalist Sandi Logan’s experience reporting on the ground at the time, combined with intensive research, including access to the women’s own diaries. It chronicles their wild ride across continents and oceans to our shores, where they were busted by Australian Federal Narcotics Bureau agents, arrested and jailed, including what came after.

“Relentlessly fascinating, sometimes hilarious & often jaw-dropping true story of two American women who became unwitting drug mules driving a hashish-laden campervan from Stuttgart to Bombay, then around Australia, where they were arrested & jailed.”

Betrayed. Published 1 June 2022.

I just had the pleasure of reading your book (via audiobook) Betrayed! OMG!
What an incredible true story.
I downloaded your book on Audible and “could not put it down”!
Your publisher is so correct in saying “this is a marker in Australian history”! Those beautiful women, in their later years of life, had the most incredible resilience during adversity and very challenging times! Thank goodness for you and your relentless efforts over those years.
Bring on the movie/series!
Our country needs to hear this story!
My children’s generation need to hear this story

Di, 25 June 2022

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