I have just finished reading your book.

That is a GREAT book!!! 

And how do I know that it is a GREAT book? Well, I have a few measures that have to be met.

  1. The subject matter must appeal to me in some fashion.
  2. It must be written in a chronological order, if applicable.
  3. If it is non-fiction, it has to have credible people who were there and personally knew the subject.
  4. (And this becomes the most important aspect of whether or not it meets my criteria for being great) When I am away from the book, inevitably doing other things throughout the day, am I thinking about the book? Am I saying to myself “Only three more hours until I can go home and read my book?”.

This book meets all of those requirements.

I liked the clarity in your writing and your choice of words.

I think Toddie and Beezie were just people who wanted to believe that everything was going to work out. (Can you imagine anyone who is going on a huge drug expedition telling all their neighbours to look after their dog, house and pay all the bills until they return? Not a chance.) They could never have seen themselves being behind bars.

I am so glad, after hearing about this story that you were able to get it all down. 

It really is a cautionary tale. 

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