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Here are the interviews, reports and reviews of ‘Betrayed’ so far.

There’s  a two-part radio documentary I’d especially like to bring to your attention. It’s something I have written, narrated and produced called ‘Too Old Too Run: the Drug Grannies’, broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation program The History Listen (on Radio National) and now available as a podcast:
🎧 Listen to Part 1
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What they’re saying….

That’s Life (Australia) 3 Mar 2023

That’s Life! Crime Scene (UK/ November 2022)

Sandi Logan joined ABC (South East NSW) breakfast show presenter Paul West for an interview about his book and forthcoming author’s talk at the Bega Library.

16 September, 2022

Listen to the interview here:

True Crime Conversations

Mamamia Podcasts, 25 August 2022

The Drug Smuggling Grannies

In 1977, retirees Vera Hays and Florice Bessire were offered a trip of a lifetime. All they had to do was drive a motorhome from Germany to India for Vera’s nephew. What they didn’t know was that there’d be two tonnes of hashish hidden in the vehicle. 

Journalist and author Sandi Logan joins Gemma this week to tell us how two American women who unwittingly became Australia’s ‘Drug Grannies’.

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Mystery Bay True Crime Author Talks ‘Drug Grannies’

Mystery Bay author Sandi Logan will begin his south coast author’s tour at the Bega Library in September, followed by Batemans Bay and then Narooma Libraries, ‘spilling the beans’ on the inside story of the two most unlikely drug-running grannies in Australian history.

23 August 2022.

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Were the Grannies none the wiser to the highly lucrative – and highly illegal – cargo they transported here, as they claimed? Were they setup and betrayed by Vera’s nephew? Or could they have been the unlikely masterminds behind the entire plot? Now, 45 years after they set out on their ill-fated journey, it’s time to tell their story.

13 August 2022

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As his book climbs up the sales charts, a retired Canberra public servant finds there’s strong interest in the story from Hollywood

By Peter Brewer, August 7, 2022

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Take 5, 28 July 2022

‘Betrayed’ Book Has Everything. Intrigue, Suspense …and Two Drug-Running Grannies.

 By Evan Hosie, July 28, 2022

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The ‘drug grannies’ thought they were on the trip of a lifetime. They couldn’t have been more mistaken

ABC RN / By Sandi Logan and Anna Kelsey-Sugg for The History Listen
20 June 2022

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Daily Mail TV USA, 15 June 2022

Incredible untold story of the ‘drug grannies’ tricked into driving a campervan from Germany to India on an ‘all-expenses paid holiday’ that ended with them in jail for smuggling 1.9 tonnes of hashish into Australia

Daily Mail UK online, 13 June 2022

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The most unlikely drug runners you’ve probably never heard of

Australian True Crime

12 June 2022

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Jonesy and Amanda (WSFM)

Tuesday, 14 June 2022, 6-9am

The incredible story of Australia’s ‘Drug Grannies’

Interview with Deborah Knight on 2GB, 7 June 2022

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Sandi Logan on the most unlikely drug-running grannies in Australian history in ‘Betrayed’

The Good Reading Podcast

5 June 2022

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Drug Grannies story documented in Sandi Logan’s ‘Betrayed’

By James Tugwell, 4 June 2022

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Sandi Logan’s Great Australian Life

Interview broadcast first on 3AW, 5 June 2022

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2 June 2022

Young journalist’s battle to free ‘drug grannies’ betrayed by family

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Driving across the world with tonnes of hashish: betrayal of ‘Drug Grannies’ revealed in new book

Article by ALBERT MCKNIGHT 3 JUNE 2022

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Today Extra, Channel 9

2 June 2022

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June 1st at 12:20pm

Canberra Times

Sandi Logan’s new book ‘Betrayed’ is a true crime story Australia’s infamous ‘drug grannies’
By James Tugnell.
1 June 2022

The unlikely drug smugglers

By Phillip Adams on Late Night Live

1 June 2022

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The interview with Philip Clark (Nightlife, ABC) went to air on 31 May. It was a solid and thorough exploration of the women’s lives, their adventures,  challenges before the courts and fighting for their release. If you missed it, it’s available as a podcast.

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Mystery Bay author Sandi Logan’s new book ‘Betrayed’ a true crime story about hashish, family betrayal, justice and Australia’s infamous Drug Grannies
By James Tugwell, May 31 2022

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Local Mystery Bay author Sandi Logan’s new book ‘Betrayed’ is a true crime story about hashish, family betrayal, justice and Australia’s infamous Drug Grannies

 May 31 2022

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Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 2022
They were offered a ‘trip of a lifetime’ but wound up in an Australian jail.
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Sandi Logan launches ‘Betrayed’ June 1st

Clued In: How two elderly best friends unsuspectingly trafficked two tonnes of hash – before the ultimate family betrayal.
20 May 2022. By Jake Loader.

Australian Women’s Weekly

19 May 2022

Well before Vera ‘Toddie’ Hays embarked on the ‘trip of a lifetime’ which ultimately led to the book ‘Betrayed’, she was appearing in major newspapers in LA for her prowess as a professional softballer. Here she is at bat for Bing Crosby’s ‘Croonerettes” at Loyola Stadium in 1936 competing in the Southern California Women’s Professional Softball League.

Toddie and Beezie were competitive women’s eight-pin bowling competitors in southern California in the 1940s where they regularly participated in bowling leagues and tournaments — often winning substantial (for the times) prize monies. Here they are with a pair of likely lads tuning up for a forthcoming bowling league play-off weekend, which was regularly covered in the metropolitan LA media at the time.

Fast forward to the early 1980s and Vera ‘Toddie’ Hays (with eye patch) and Florice ‘Beezie’ Bessire are in an Australian prison, sentenced to 14 years’ incarceration after pleading guilty to importing 1.9 tonnes of Afghan hashish into Melbourne. A Christian network in Australia and the US supported the campaign to free the women before their full term on the basis they’d fully cooperated with narcotics investigators (leading to convictions of some of the drug shipment’s backers), were in declining health, and served no useful purpose being kept imprisoned any longer. Ultimately it was this fight for freedom which led to my book Betrayed.

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