Sandy Saunders

I enjoyed this story of the two grannies who were offered the holiday of a lifetime by one of their nephews. All they had to do was drive a camper van across Europe and enjoy the sights, so the van could eventually be shipped to Australia. Sounds like fun to me!
However along the way they suspect there might be more to this agreement that meets the eye and of course they are right. So why continue on? Why not stand your ground and refuse to move another inch? This is the part I can’t understand. With nearly 2 tons of drugs hidden in the van they are caught in Australia and have to face the consequences which I actually thought was fairly mild considering the amount of drugs that were concealed.
After thinking about the story for a few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that times were so much more innocent then, drugs weren’t as common as they are now and a favourite nephew’s story was probably believed much more easily by an elderly Aunt.

via Goodreads

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